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Whether we are working from home or in the office, it is important that the workspace makes us feel comfortable and productive. Design and the use of good lighting is essential for well-being, motivation, and productivity within the workplace. The right lighting strategies, aligned with thoughtful design can impact positively people’s needs, which affects their ability to work.

Workspace characteristics, including lighting, influences employee’s inspiration, it affects productivity and creativity. Whether an office’s light is natural, artificial, bright, dim or yellow, will impact people’s mood and health, while also allowing to see our work and to focus. When people are inspired, they are more creative and generate ideas.

The shift from a commercial to a more residential feel in the workplace presents itself as an opportunity to bring warmth and beauty to certain spaces improving lighting around the office. Coupled with a thoughtful design lighting has the capacity to create harmony between elements of the space.

As a tool, light can be used in different ways, it can help create specific areas of work. For example, a focus light would be used where work is being done. It can also help with the design of collaborative zones or oasis for individual work. Choosing the correct lighting for work is a must, here a few considerations to keep in mind when using the appropriate lighting:

LED Office Lights

LED lights have become an energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent lights. Although LED lights are more expensive than fluorescent lights, in the long term they are likely to save more money. Another way to save energy is to use motion-sensored lights in areas that are not always in use: spaces like bathrooms, basements, and closets ensuring they aren’t left on when the room is empty. LED lights can be dimmed to match the time of day and season, making them a healthier choice for employees.

Use Natural Light

As humans, the exposure to natural light helps regulate hormones, and mood, helping employees stay productive throughout the day. For this reason, areas and spaces with windows are typically designed for common areas rather than for private offices. In this way, as many people as possible can have access to natural light. According to Pablo Pardo from Pablo Designs, “the office is learning how to combine artificial and natural light, and how to combine ambient lighting with task lighting, so there’s less need to use constant overhead lighting, which has been a part of offices for many decades now, and uses 50 percent more energy.”

Color and Temperature of Lighting

The office color and temperature will vary depending on the function of the space. A warmer light will work better for spaces that help employees relax and socialize. On the contrary, a cooler white or blue is used for areas designed for working and concentrating. To help employees stay alert and concentrate, light should be brighter and cooler, on the contrary to help employees wind down, light should be warmer.

Do not Forget your Home Office

To make the most of our days, we need tools and technologies, especially when working from home where light can be both purposeful and artistic.

  1. Assess Natural Light: In every workspace the more natural light you use the better. If you work in a darker space, think about having task lighting or a stylish pendant light to free some space from your desk.
  2. Overhead Lighting: Overhead lighting shouldn’t be the sole source of lighting for the home office, but it can help fill in places that other sources of light might miss.
  3. Add a Task Light: Desk lamps with a flexible arm to adjust height and angle to suit every work.
  4. Ambient and Corrective Light: An ambient light will soften harsh lights coming from task lighting or overhead.

Lighting can be purposeful and artistic; it can help create a sense of intimacy around specific areas or workspaces. A lamp in an adequate space can provide cues for people to find a productive or social space within the office. As much as lights can help create a better environment, do not forget to embrace natural light creating spaces for everyone in the office to enjoy.

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