Compose Echo hybrid workstation provides a more productive and collaborative work environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many unprecedented changes in all industries. Prior to the pandemic, the office in a general sense had been going through an evolution, however, these past few years have accelerated that change and companies have had to learn adapt to their employees’ expectations.

Companies have had to evolve to make their spaces more productive and fulfilling for employees to return to. A human-centered approach to the workplace is a big feature that employees are now looking for when given the option of returning to the office. To combat this need, Haworth has recently introduced the Compose Echo, a collaborative workspace that gives people the freedom to choose where and how to do their best work.

Creating more fluid spaces

The Compose Echo is a hybrid workstation that is mobile and connected. It supports user movements within the workspace and is highly scalable, giving employees the freedom to choose where and how to do their work.

“The whole idea behind the Compose Echo is it is human centred. After COVID, it’s harder to get employees to come back to the office, and the nature of how we work has changed,” says Sara Susaeta, account manager and interior designer at Anthony Allan Office Furnishings (AAOF). “The Compose Echo is for companies that are very project based and require a lot of movement of their employees. That’s the beauty of it, it’s human centered. With the same amount of space, you can create different spaces and adapt it with the amount of tasks or type of work you want to do.”

The Compose Echo features a height-adjustable table to accommodate posture changes and ergonomic needs. It also has an optional tether for a defined space footprint that can rotate 90 degrees, and the adjustment at the table can provide 180 degrees of user-controlled flexibility. Both these movements allow for micro or macro adjustments for positioning work or for collaboration between coworkers, respectively.

There is also a management system for an aesthetic and clean look, as well as a number of accessories available to enhance the performance of the system, such as a personal tablet marker board for visual privacy, a marker board rail system, freestanding screens, and carts.  Compose Echo provides companies with the flexibility of curating a collaborative workspace depending on the level of work employees are doing or the level of privacy they need.

“It enhances the performance of the real estate [in the office]. You no longer require long spaces or different spaces to do different work when your team is project based,” says Susaeta.  “So, you will have that little footprint where you will have focused work and you will have collaborative work at the same time. It also creates – with all the accessories – better scalability and flexibility of the worker and the performance of the company.”

A Perfect Pairing

For a modern and clean look, pair the new Poppy with Tablet chair with the Compose Echo to streamline the entire workspace and add another layer of flexibility to the worker. The Poppy line features a more comfortable rounded aesthetic and the added tablet makes doing work more comfortable. The Poppy chair, which is available in a number of colours and fabrics, has a naturally flexing back that moves with you for comfort.

The optional tablet, which is available on the Poppy 5-star base chair, rotates 360 degrees at both the arm pivot joint and the tablet surface connection point. Since the Compose Echo has a more curved and rounded aesthetic, the Poppy chair pairs perfectly with the system for a seamless and modern look.

The Poppy Chair with tablet pairs perfectly with the Compose Echo workstation.

Putting people at the centre of work

The Compose Echo is a milestone release for Haworth, which is available through Anthony Allan Office Furnishings.  Haworth products are design-led and are known for their high-quality products which allow companies to create a full office suite. Just like how lives have changed in the past two years, Haworth has adapted their designs to provide a more human-centered approach to the workplace.  The Compose Echo puts people at the centre of work and allows for individual and collaborative work that can happen fluidly in one dynamic workspace.

Haworth created the Compose-Echo workstation to provide a more human-centered approach to the workplace.

“All the Haworth products, and specifically the new Haworth products, have been designed with this at the centre; how to make that work life in the office or in a third place be productive for that person and make it fulfilling,” says Susaeta. “We spend eight hours, a third of our day, at work. We need to make sure it’s something fulfilling, and what we have in our office and the elements we work with are helping us to take the best out of it.”


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