How to stay productive at work

It’s July, which means summer is in full swing, and thoughts of long afternoons, beaches, and cold sangrias around city patios are in everyone’s mind.  For many of us summertime is the hardest time of the year to stay productive at the office.

We cannot blame you if you rather be outside than inside the office, no matter how cool yours might be! But do not worry, according to a Grasshoper infographic 25% of workers in the US feel their productivity decreased during summer months.

No matter how slow these months might be around the office, many employees would prefer to commute than work from home. Some amenities like air conditioning and faster internet connection are staples to any office to keep employees happy during a happy summer day. A sense of belonging helps keep workers engaged, offering meaning and connection through workspaces that encourage innovation and creativity taking care of employees beyond their physical well-being.

If you are among the 25% of people who feel a decrease of productivity during summer you need these five tips to keep you motivated and stay productive during the summer slump:

  1. Do the most important work first: Earlier in the day is when you have the most energy levels, with a clear mind you can tackle the most important tasks of your list, so the rest of the day goes by like a breeze.
  2. Use the pomodoro technique: Based on the idea that frequent breaks improve mental agility and productivity. The method involves using a timer to break work hours into 25-minute intervals separated by short breaks. you simply break your goal into well-defined, 25-minute tasks, set the timer, work until the timer rings, mark the task as complete, take a short break, and start on the next task. Before you know it, the work day will be over and you’ll be free to go.
  3. Clean up your office space: Summertime offers the perfect atmosphere to organize your physical life. According to Forbes you can use the Marie Kondo method, “keep only the components that make you happy and change the ones that do not spark joy.”
  4. Exercise and move throughout the day: Studies indicate that it can also improve your mental capacity, including better concentration, sharper memory and faster learning.
  5. Take meetings outside: According to a University of Michigan study people who spent time outside were better able to solve creative problems. Provide fresh air and relieve your team from the summer blues while giving them an outlet for problem solving.

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